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J. Brill

In 2010, I had significant water damage due to heavy snowfall and ice dams. W.R. Restoration cleaned up the damaged drywall. They then replaced and painted the new drywall and other walls in the repaired rooms. I also paid them to paint other rooms. Mr. Walter Rivas listened to my thoughts on the color and type of paint to use and offered his suggestions. I went with his suggestions and was pleased with the results. In the fall of 2012, W. R. Restoration returned and painted more rooms. Again, I am pleased with the results.  The workers were careful and cleaned up after themselves. I would recommend W.R. Restoration.
Mark & Debby Jungling, Faifax, VA

"W.R. Restoration delivers professional, quality work on any type of home improvement project at a low, ultra-competitive price. We won't use anyone else!".

It has truly been a pleasure working with you! You do excellent work and I am very lucky to have worked with you. You are one of the nicest people I have ever worked with and I am grateful for all of your help. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to give out our name.
"Thank you for trusting W.R. Restoration, Inc., with your home or business. We value your relationship and the confidence that you have placed in our team. We’d like to give you the opportunity to share with us, and with our prospective clients, your experience with the work we recently completed for you."
Ron Kirby Jr.,


As Community Management Corporations resident engineer  I have had the opportunity to work with W.R. Restoration on several major projects. The most recent project involved total exterior renovations of a 492 condominium units in 14 buildings. W.R. Restoration was chosen as one of the primary contractors on this job at a contract price of about $250,000. I found the pricing and quality of work to be excellent. Additionally Mr. Walter Rivas and his staff were very flexible in scheduling changes and maintained a positive relationship with residents, management and other contractors throughout the project. I have no hesitation in recommending W.R. Restoration and  I look forward to working with them in the future for many years to come.



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